How Selling With An Agent
Can Earn You Thousands Of Dollars

Times are tough, and cash is tight. If you have been thinking of selling your home, the idea of selling without the assistance of a licensed Real Estate agent may cross your mind.

Saving the commission on a house sale seems like an incredible opportunity to save hundreds or thousands of dollars at first glance, but did you know that using an agent could earn you tens of thousands of dollars in additional income from a sale?

Last year, using a Real Estate Agent earned homeowners an average of $35,000 to $50,000 more on the sale of their home.

According to the 2015 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers in Victoria

Homes sold by an Agent earned 100% of their value.
Homes sold by the Owner earned 83.3% of their value, or 16.66% less than those sold by an Agent.

We Offer

Home Evaluation

This allows you to demonstrate your home, show off any upgrades that you have done, and point out any concerns to your agent. Your agent will also weigh in, representing the eyes of a prospective buyer.

Leveraged Networks

Your agent will offer you incredible reach with an established network of contacts searching for new homes. Your home will also be listed on the MLS service, open only to registered realtors in Canada.

Ready Availability

There’s no telling when a deal will be made, but your agent will be ready when the call comes. Your realtor will handle showings, negotiations, and legal preparations, while you hold the final say on every decision.

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Find Out What Your Home Is Worth

Market Analysis

Your agent will carry out local market research to determine the pricing of comparable homes sold recently in your area. This should give you a better idea of your homes current market value.

Home Staging

Setting the right first impression is key. The price of your home should include the perceived value that comes with a strong presentation. Your agent will ensure that you are aware of how to show your home in the best light.

Zero Hassle

Need help planning your mortgage? Want the number of a renovation contractor you can trust? Want to skip the tedious task of packing up all your belongings? Our network extends beyond the real estate world. Whatever you need, we can help.


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